Pest Whisperer follows Peasy as they return home after failing to get their humane pest control service off the ground. 

After arriving back in their home town they quickly end up helping the residents with their own pest problems. 

Development started in early 2021, the main focus was to create a fun and strange world, inhabited by bizarre creatures.

Tools used included Unity and 3D modelling software to create the environment, creatures and playable systems that make up this world.

The focus of this project was character design and development. Zbrush was used to model organic figures, and work with these modelling in Maya and Substance Painter to create the characters.
Working closely with our Art Director, we created  the characters for game.​​​​​​​

Meet the Team

Casey Lodge 
Game Designer

Lina Kalcheva 
Art Director

Meirian Davies 
Narrative Designer

Sam Rapley 

Dan Hibbert 
Sound Designer

Julia Trawinska 
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